Busy shouldn't be what you say when someone asks "how's it going?"

Because being busy doesn't make you money, hunny!

That's where I come in...

Whether it’s courses, blog posts, collaborations, your next tradeshow… you’ve got a lot going on and this is YOUR year! Your business is growing, you’re out there making waves and straight up killing it. 

The problem is, you’re BUSY.
Not just busy I’ve got a kid or a dog or a house to keep busy. You’re busy like just five more minutes that suddenly turns into an hour or worse three, busy. 

You could do it all, sure. But you don't need to.

What if you never had to worry about scheduling another social media post?
No more scrambling or being stumped on what to post. 
What if you could stop guessing your way through Facebook Ads?
News flash this is a waste of your hard earned money!
OR finally what if you could stop watching YouTube videos to try to figure out Canva or the Adobe Suite? 
Get your time back and content created faster!
With me, by your side, I’ll keep you looking good on social media, create graphics that are eye-catching and on brand and help you strategize to grow your brand awareness and reach your business goals.
Let me take care of the things you don’t want to do so you have more time for the things that matter
(or better yet, go on vacation, you’ve earned it!).

Hey hey! I’m Brit, your social media wiz + designer.

I see you, you’re an entrepreneur with a never-ending to-do list and dreams of growing a business that makes a difference, making money, and doing what you love. 

 I’ll take care of your social media creating your graphics, strategizing your plan for social media, take it completely off your hands, set up your ads, manage your blog and so much more. I’ll give you back your time to focus on other #boss stuff OR spend a little time even outside your business. My job is to help you feel like you have more hours in your day.

When you work with me you aren’t just another number coming in and out. I’m your teammate, I want to understand your business and your industry to help you grow to your greatest potential. One-off projects are okay, and I do accept a select few throughout the year. I want to work with you long-term to level up your empire, make an impact and most importantly look good while doing it.

I have a background in graphic design and this will allow me to keep you on brand in the look and feel of your business. Working in marketing has allowed me to learn how to dig deep into strategy to give your brand the brand recognition it deserves. Together we’ll work through your goals and I’ll help you make them a reality.

When I join your team you clarity on social media and graphics that will give you that “YASSS” feeling. 

Hiring me will help you:

  1. Focus on the things you LOVE and that well you’re just good at. 
  2. Gain authority on social media through strategy and killer graphics. 
  3. Reach more people with ads that work and on brand design.

And how could you forget… time to start planning that vacation! 

Or whatever it is that you LOVE to do.
All while your business is GROWING.

Okay, ready to hand some stuff over?

Great here's how we can work together.

Do you want to be most present on social media but you loathe the idea of putting time into? This package is for businesses who want to let go of the social media reins a little bit. I’ll take care of your graphics for blog posts, promos, launches, or any other type of graphic your business might need. I can also take over social media schedule to keep your brand present on your favorite platform.

This is an ideal package for getting started, and during our first call I can help you determine design or social media tasks I can take over for you.

Perfect for the business owner that wants to hand over more work (and take back more of their own time). If you create a lot of Facebook Ads, find yourself overwhelmed by social strategy, or want more than one social platform handled for you – this is ideal.

If you’re up-leveling in all aspects of your business then let’s work together to reach more people on social media with your content or offer.

The best fit for established businesses who have hectic content or promo calendar and need related materials, graphics, a clear social strategy that is executed for you, and someone to take over more day-to-day tasks.

This hour allotment is ideal for the business owner that is ready to hand over the social media and design reigns completely.

You like things automated, done for you, and done well.

You’ll never feel in the dark when we’re working together. I’ll keep you informed where our hours throughout the month and if you approve any overages they will be billed for the following month.