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I’m a 9 to 5’er who needed a creative outlet. So you’ll find me here blogging about social media, and motherhood. I help business owners stop half-assing their social media. I create social graphics, Facebook & Instagram ads and help you get your social media strategy locked down. 

On my blog lately...

Max: Three Months Old

The month we finally start hitting our groove as a family of four! Also the month we scrambled for childcare and started dealing with our first sleep regression.

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no spend week

How to do a No Spend Week

We’ve got big goals this year and in order to achieve them we’re doing weekly resolutions this year. One of those is to do at least one no spend week a month. Not sure what that means? No worries, I’ll explain the ins and outs.

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2020 Goals + Weekly Resolutions​

This year I’m doing something a little different. Instead of a big goal or resolution that I’m bound to fail at by February or March. This year I’m setting weekly resolutions to keep me on track. I’m planning to write out my resolutions once a month along with a life update.

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