March Weekly Resolutions + Feb Recap

Two months down of 2020 ten more to go. I wish what I’m about to write was a whole list of accomplishments over the last month but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of wins this month but they weren’t within my weekly resolutions and THAT’S OKAY. Just to refresh your memory these were my goals for February.

Week 5 (Feb 2- 8): Clean out the garage. – Our garage is cleaner now at the end of the month than it was at the beginning so I’m calling this one a win.
Week 6 (Feb 9-15): Stay on top of the dishes. Load at night, unload in the morning before work, repeat. – Y’all I load the dang thing almost every night then I. Forget. to. start. it. I can’t make this up.
Week 7 (Feb 16-22): Finish my book. – Still have about 80 pages left, I haven’t been making this a priority at all.
Week 8 (Feb 23-29): No Spend Week. – no comment here other than it just didn’t happen. However, we did start working with a financial advisor AND put our whole tax return toward debt and our escrow shortage! So now we have one less payment every month and by the end of summer, we will be down another if not sooner.

In February I ran a total of 40 miles 6.2 of those being my first 10k of 2020. I finished that race in 1:06 giving me my fastest pace yet, I came in 42nd of 78 people running that race as well. I signed up for another 10k in April and can’t wait to keep tracking my progress over the next month. It’s been really cool to keep track of my stats with every run and watch myself get faster and faster every week. Though my favorite part of running is still when it’s over.

Week 9 (March 1-7): This week is almost over but my goal for this week is to ONLY drink coffee on the days I wake up before 6am. This isn’t to say that coffee is bad, nope, I love coffee. However, I just feel like now that Max is *mostly* sleeping through the night and I generally get 8 hours of sleep. There is no reason for me to need to drink coffee unless I get less than 8 hours.
Week 10 (March 8-14): Get ONE week ahead at my corporate job. Since coming back full time I’ve been just floating along doing what I need to do. Not really pushing myself to get ahead so I can do my best work. I have a few trips coming up and getting ahead will play a really important role in me being able to be present on those trips.
Week 11 (March 15-21): Format and schedule all of Max’s remaining monthly updates (7-11 months).
Week 12 (March 22-28): NO. SPEND. WEEK. This is happening. I will be out of town in the middle of this week for work but this WILL happen. We aren’t going to spend a dime on ANYTHING we don’t need.

Monthly fitness/health goal: 50 miles or more + 1 CrossFit class a week + 1 hot yoga boot camp class a week. 6.5 miles in a row, no walking.

So there you have it… my February recap and March goals. I’m being fully transparent with all of this because I want others to know that it’s OKAY to stumble. It’s OKAY to miss the mark. The important part is that we get back up and KEEP TRYING!