Maxie Lucie: Six Months Old

Happy Belated Half Birthday to our Maxie Lucie girl. I wished her a happy half birthday on the day and we celebrated with an adorable milk bath photo shoot. Though… almost everything is adorable when Max is involved.

I feel like things are going faster this time around in the baby phase. However, when I look back at what Owen was doing at this age it’s very similar to what Max is doing. So it’s not faster it just seems that way because we have so much more going on with two kiddos in our house now.

Clothing size: We’re still in mostly 3-6 month stuff. Those jammies that were huge on her last month now fit great. I’ve been putting her in a few 6-12 month rompers because I just can’t resist. They’re a little big but not so much that she’s drowning in them.

Milestones: Sitting up like a pro, has one tooth and I think another not far behind, eats all the things all the time, gets up on all fours and rocks, tries to climb over her piano, wants to stand as much as possible, and replaces her paci completely on her own.

Special Outings: Nowhere in particular, it’s been a pretty calm month.

Eating: Everything! If she’s in her seat she wants to eat! She loves cucumbers and peppers. I introduced her to puffs, those baby munchie things and yogurt melts; naturally, girlfriend is hooked on all of them. She also really loves strawberries.

Sleeping: Napping is still going great *knocks on wood* still on a two nap schedule. What has changed is that I wake her up every morning at 7:30 and I keep her up for a minimum of 2.5 hours with the intention of working her up to 3 hours. Overnight seems to be hit or miss right now but she’s teething and has had a running nose so we’ve been taking it easy on her.

Highlights of the month: Her first tooth and sink bath.

Any big changes: No more MamaRoo, she can sit herself up in it now so I don’t feel comfortable with having her in it anymore. She’s so talkative and blows bubbles constantly.

Max’s favorites: still loves her binky, her brother, her feet, Sophie and her daddy but now also really loves puffs and yogurt melts as well.