Maxie Lucie: Five Months Old

Five months… I have a FIVE month old. Her newborn days are feeling distant because this girl is so playful these days. Discovering everything in her path via her mouth. Rolling across rooms and pushing her whole upper body up (her hips still on the ground). And starting to eat solid food and purées. These last almost 5 months having her around has brought us more smiles, tears, laughter, and heart-swelling moments than we ever deserved.

Clothing size: Still staying strong in those 3-6 month clothes… Though she does have a few pairs of 3-6 month jammies that are HUGE on her and she does have a pair of 6 month jammies that fit her great. Sooooo baby clothes sizing is real solid these days.

Milestones: She is sleeping on her stomach by choice now, lifting her hips off the ground to roll from belly to back, trying hard to get up on all fours, eating solids every day, sitting up though she’s still very wobbly, sitting in the shopping cart seat and starting to replace her paci on her own.

Special Outings: hmmm how about special events… Max had her first hurricane. Not that she had any idea what was going on but it’s worth mentioning

Eating: ALL.OF.THE.THINGS. Except she does not like greek yogurt, at all. She’s taking a bottle with ease now that she’s been in daycare two days a week for about a month. I’ve been giving her whatever fruit or veggie we’re having for dinner for her to gwan on and giving her purees every evening. At this point, if she’s sitting in her bumbo seat she wants something to eat.

Sleeping: Her naps are great and she’s on a pretty solid 2 nap schedule staying up for 2ish hours at a time. We recently started letting her cry it out at night when we put her to bed. No comment on how that’s going because well… it’s been a roller coaster ride.

Highlights of the month: new car seat = less car screaming, daycare is going well and Hurricane Dorian

Any big changes: Sleep training, starting to try to roll in the tub out of her bath seat, a bit of a distracted nurser these days, playing in her jumper daily!

Max’s favorites: still loves her binky, her brother, her feet, Sophie and her daddy