Max: Four Months Old

Max: Four Months Old

Yup… this is def a mid-month thing now. I’m feeling all the mom guilt because I didn’t even take a special “4 month old” photo of our girl. You win some and you lose some I suppose, at least I’m here now writing this.

Max did great with her Grandma and Great Grandma for most of the month of July. They loved spending the time with her and it was an enormous help for me to have them come down and watch her.

She is officially in childcare! Only part-time for two half days a week but I’ll take it. This is her third week there and this morning before I sent her I noticed a runny nose! Ugh… It is back to school time as well so she very well could have picked up some germs from her big bro.

I’m still getting up at 5am on most days, I’ve been trying to give myself 1 extra sleep in day a week other than Saturday or Sunday. I’m calling it “self-care” because let’s be real I’m not getting it anywhere else.

Here’s the rundown on our Maxie Lucie…

Clothing size: 3-6 months with a few 0-3 things still in the mix. I usually have to weed a few things out every load of laundry which makes me so sad but it’s also super fun because I get to add in new stuff as well. I forgot how fast they grow out of things at this age.

Milestones: Rolling rolling rolling! This girl is ON.THE.MOVE! However, we’re in that suuuuppperrr (said sarcastically) fun stage where she knows how to roll over but cannot decide if she wants to sleep on her belly or not. We have also been doing solids here and there. We use her mesh feeder a lot to give her fruit. She loves bananas/milk mash and peanut butter toast.

Special Outings: We went on our first plane ride to PA for a weekend about a week ago. She was a dream the whole trip. Everyone commented on how she’s such a good baby and I honestly have nothing to reply when people say that because she really is.

Eating: Strawberries, bananas and gumming on whatever veggie we have with our dinner. She’s had PB toast once and loved that. She’s still not super keen on the bottle but we’re choosing our battles. Right now it’s a win if she takes one bottle while she’s at daycare.

Sleeping: Her naps are lengthening and her overnight sleep is pretty predictable but getting her to sleep at night can be a challenge. A few times she’s woken up in the middle of the night just to hang for 30 mins to an hour…

Highlights of the month: First plane rides, visiting GG and Pop Pop in PA, meeting her Uncle Pat

Any big changes: She’s laughing more and more by the day, goes to daycare twice a week, nothing is safe on the counter if it’s within her reach from her bumbo seat, she’s 100% in a convertible car seat now in both cars, she’s taken interest in her lovey and we’re REALLY starting to consider sleep training.

Max’s favorites: still loves her binky, her brother, her feet, Sophie and her daddy