February Weekly Resolutions + Jan Recap

We are officially almost one full month into this new year and a new decade. January always feels approximately 687 days long and this year was no exception. We finished out the holidays, had family in town, went to Disney and focused on figuring out our new normal as I transitioned back to my office.

If you need a little recap on weekly resolutions click here. You’ll also get the rundown on what mine were for January. However, just so I can go through them here they were…

Week 1 (Jan 6-11): Get out of bed between 5-5:30 am every single morning. Use this time to work on freelance client work.
Week 2 (Jan 12-18): No scrolling after 8 pm! Instead read for 30 minutes each night.
Week 3 (Jan 19-25): Keep the order. Build on the first two weeks of the year.
Week 4 (Jan 26-Feb1): No spend week.

Running goal: 50 miles in the month of January – I’ve run 19.37 this month so far and I still have a few more days to go. I won’t make 50 and that’s okay.

I’ve been recapping each week on Instagram and things have NOT been perfect and I think that is A-okay! This isn’t about being perfect in the least. It’s about doing better, that’s it. Yes, I take breaks. I miss goals too but hey at least I’ve hit the mark higher than I would have had I NOT set a goal. Right?

So going into the next month I want to continue laying these foundations I’m laying to create better habits. That means I will continue to get up between 5-5:30 every morning (I hate this by the way but it makes me feel so good when I do it). I will stop looking at my phone at 8 pm and read for 30 minutes. And Finally, we will do a no spend week again next month (spoiler alert: this one isn’t going well).

That leads me to February… This month’s weekly resolutions are task-based with the exception of our no spend week. They’re all pretty self-explanatory but I’ll explain below.

Week 5 (Feb 2- 8): Clean out the garage. We cleaned out our garage about a year ago and while it’s still not in as bad of shape as it was one year ago… it’s not in good shape at all. I have dreams of picking up a cheap treadmill on Facebook and running in the garage when life gets crazy and I can’t hit the roads.
Week 6 (Feb 9-15): Stay on top of the dishes. Load at night, unload in the morning before work, repeat. If this happens like a well-oiled machine every day, my kitchen would stay 10x cleaner.
Week 7 (Feb 16-22): Finish my book. I’m about halfway now and I’ve really enjoyed this routine of putting the kiddos to bed and taking the time to myself before unwinding with my hubby.
Week 8 (Feb 23-29): No Spend Week. Okay so January’s no spend week isn’t going to greatest. I bought a jogging stroller yesterday… It could have waited but I wanted to go to a running group and needed to take the baby with me… so there’s that.

Monthly running goal: 30 miles or more + 5 miles in a row + at least one 10K race