Max: Three Months Old

Here again with the late-ness but hey maybe it’s just a thing to write this mid-month? Yeah, let’s go with that. Future Max… I’m sorry you’re getting second child-ed so hard on this whole “baby book” thing. I’ll try to do better with your yearly videos. Though I still haven’t organized any photo or published anything, at least I’m getting around to writing everything down.

I think we’re finally hitting a groove being a family of four. We implemented a bedtime routine, Max is sleeping in her room and waking up around the same time every morning.

In other news, our babysitter unexpectedly quit on us so Max is going to start going to Owen’s school for my two office half days starting in August. Until then we have her shuffling around between family members and Trav. We have two more weeks of that and we’ll be home free with childcare until January when I go back to my office fulltime.

Working from home with a baby is harder than I remember it being but 1. I’m working more hours than I did the first time around and 2. my kids are two very different kids. I’m getting up at 5am and working until Max wakes up for the day. That’s my longest stretch of work for the whole day typically as now she’s only really napping 45ish minutes at a time.

Onto our Maxie Lucie…


Photo Jun 18, 10 34 39 AM

Clothing size: After many blowouts Max is now wearing size 2 diapers. I’m now phasing out her 0-3 month clothes and moving her into 3m and 3-6m stuff. I’m actually really excited about it because even before she was born I’ve loved her 3-6 month wardrobe. 
Milestones: She’s laughing more and more and laughs at Owen the most of all people. It’s the sweetest thing in the world to watch. She rolls inconsistently from belly to back and is working REALLY hard to get from back to belly. She’s able to lift her shoulders during tummy time and can wiggle herself all over her crib. 

Photo Jun 18, 10 11 34 AM

Special Outings: We went to Disney Springs in Orlando for Owen’s birthday (I had to ride in the back with both kids there and back -_-), we’ve been going to storytime every week at the library, she went to a 4th of July party
Eating: So I met with a lactation consultant and she’s fine. We did a weighted feed and it turns out she’s a very quick nurser. She gets a pretty decent amount in her belly very quickly. Since meeting with the LC I haven’t timed or kept track of the number of feedings she’s doing. I’m nursing her on-demand and that’s working for us. We’re both 100% less stressed about nursing and I just feel so much better. She’s still just eh about the bottle. My mom and grandma watched her this week and the first day she didn’t eat at all until I got home and the second day she ate all the milk I left out for her. 

Photo Jun 06, 8 32 27 PM

Sleeping: As I said above, Max sleeps in her own room at all sleeping times now. We thought about sleep training because her naps are just not what they used to be. However, we have decided to wait until next month since we’re going out of town. We did attempt to get her off the binky for sleeping but I had a rough evening getting her to bed so it was my sanity or the binky and I’ll let you guess what won. She’s still doing 5-7 hours in a row and only 45ish min during naps. 

Photo Jun 26, 5 21 19 PM

Highlights of the month: Her first 4th of July! and first beach swim!
Any big changes: She’s staying awake for much longer, takes a bath with her brother every night, hates the car…
Max’s favorites: still loves her binky, bicycle legs, her brother, looking at herself, her bumbo seat and splashing in the bath