Amazon Round-up: Winter 2020

Amazon Round-up: Winter 2020

Okay yes, we’re about to go on a no-spend week but previously when I’ve shared my Amazon Faves you all have loved them. So here we are, I figured why not throw one back in every once in a while. I only have a few because most of my Amazon shopping in the last few months was Christmas presents. I’m pretty sure after the holiday season the last thing most of us need is another gift guide type of post.

However, these are a few items that we really love and use weekly that I’ve purchased over the last few months. One of them was actually my birthday gift. #Adulting real hard over here y’all.


We gave these as Christmas presents to our niece and nephew this year. They’re 15 months old and they seemed to really like them. Heck… all of the kids seemed to really like them. I got two but wished I had bought four, one for each kid, because they soon began to fight over them. And if I’m being really honest, I even opened one of them up and played with it before I wrapped it for Christmas. It’s just such a mindlessly satisfying toy. We have since ordered one more for our house and it is still a hit.

Kid Knives

We cook at home 95% of the time, and about 60% of that time Owen asks to help cook dinner. It is so incredibly sweet that he wants to help and I love getting him involved when I can. The problem was I didn’t want to let him use knives and the butter knives we have didn’t do much to let him help me chop during dinner prep. During one of my many Amazon scrolling sessions, I came across these kid-safe knives. They’re made specifically with kids in mind and they actually work! Now my dude can happily help in the kitchen anytime he wants. He often asks if he can cut his own fruit now which is almost always a yes from me.


Okay, no shame in my game, but this was my 28th birthday present and it’s amazing! I use it literally every single day and it is worth every single penny. OHHH and it’s super affordable. I REALLY wanted the Dyson stick vacuum but just REALLY couldn’t justify the price. I found this one with (insert number) reviews and was instantly sold.


Are you even a SMM if you don’t own a mini tripod?! This one is cheap, has great reviews and comes with a bluetooth clicker button. Done, done and done.

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