Max: Two Months Old

Okay admittedly I’m writing this wayyy late.. it’s June 19th to be exact. Life with two kids and bring back to work is busy. I’m not complaining at all I love this little family and how life is going right now. However, I definitely feel guilty that 1. I haven’t organized any of the photos I have of Max yet. 2. I haven’t published her one month update and 3. Here I am two weeks late writing her two month update. All these things seem so small but I was sooo good at keeping up with all of this with Owen I just want to give her the same written memories too. I’m writing it all down now, better late than never and something is better than nothing.

I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now. I’ve cut my hours back to accommodate being home with Max for most of the week. I’m home with her three full days and two half days a week. Those other two half days I go into my office and she goes to a babysitter in our neighborhood. So far it’s all been working out great. I felt really confident in my ability to work from home with a baby because I’ve already done it once. Just like I did with Owen I stay up after her last feeding at 5-5:30am and start my day. This allows me 1.5-2.5 hours of work first thing in the morning AND to drink my coffee before the ice melts. Then I work throughout the rest of the day during naps.

Now more about our girl… Max has been such a joy. She is seriously the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.

Clothing size: I’ve phased out most of the newborn stuff at this point and she’s into her 0-3 month stuff. And when this box of diapers is gone we’re moving into size 2.

Milestones: she is smiling allll the time now, her whole face lights up and she has two little dimples. She laughs, I’ve gotten her to really laugh twice now but she’s not doing it consistently orrrr she just doesn’t think we’re funny. Her head control is getting better and better. And she babbles so much.

Special Outings: she came with my to my six week postpartum visit and got loved on by all the midwives, she visited my office again, went to the park for a play date for her brother and Home Depot many times lol

Eating: she is still 100% breastfed but man is she a difficult nurser. Owen and I struggled a little in the beginning but by month two we had it down I feel like. She is just really fussy at the boob at times. And also she’s just kind of a lazy eater. Some days she does super well and will eat for 15-20 minutes per nursing session and others getting to 10 minutes is a struggle. She can sometimes be convinced to eat more if I stand and bounce to nurse or if I sit on a yoga ball and bounce and nurse. I’m planning to meet with a lactation consultant because her doctor is worried about her weight again so I hope we can figure this out.

Sleeping: she’s doing very well with sleep. Still in our room. We’re thinking about moving her but ultimately I’m not ready and I’m not sure when I will be. She’s sleeping in her crib for all naps though and has a pretty solid 4 nap schedule. She’ll go for 6-7 hours in row for her first long stretch of sleep at night which is sleeping through the night for her age. After that she wakes up one more time which is when I stay up. So basically she’s my alarm clock.

Highlights of the month: Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.
Any big changes: she’s much more alert now, doesn’t sleep in our bed anymore, has a schedule and a bedtime! She’s starting to grab things as well.

Max’s favorites: still loves her binky, bicycle legs, to be worn and she really likes her kick n play piano