2020 Goals + Weekly Resolutions​

2020 Goals + Weekly Resolutions

It’s a New Year and a fresh start and it feels SO good. The kids are back to school, I’m back in my office after 9 months of working from home and this is our new normal. Last year was a roller coaster of a year no doubt, between being pregnant, having a baby, recovering from having said baby, adjusting to life with TWO kids, navigating post-partum and figuring out how to work at home with a newborn/infant again. I set no goals last year, I focused on my family and being the best mom and wife I could be to my people. I put a lot of emphasis on resting because, let’s be real, having a newborn/infant in your house does a number on your sleep schedule. I’m not complaining in the least, I’m just throwing it out there. As the end of the year drew closer I felt myself starting to feel ready to get back to it. 

My most successful year…

The funny thing is, 2019 was my most productive and successful year. Read that again, the year I focused on rest AND had a baby was my most successful year professionally and personally. Professionally I had a few really awesome wins and personally I grew a lot. I know that’s all very vague but this post isn’t about last year or humble bragging about my wins. This post is about how I’m going to continue that success into this year. 

Weekly Resolutions

Last week on Amber Fillerup’s story she talked about the idea of having weekly resolutions rather than yearly resolutions and I just love that idea. Yearly resolutions are great and all and I 100% still have one (more on that in a little bit), however, I like the idea of splitting things up into smaller bites. It makes me feel more successful which in turn pushes me to keep going. You know what they say about eating an elephant, right? You do it one bite at a time. My bites, in this case, are week by week.  

My one goal for 2020

Rewind a little bit, you might be wondering, but wait, what is that yearly resolution you mentioned a minute ago? Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might already know, but if you missed it here it is. I’m training for the Dinsey Half Marathon next January! It’s always been a bucket list item for me and at some point this year I will likely quit breastfeeding and HOPEFULLY, my baby will start sleeping through the night. That being said I’m really banking on those two things to happen so I get some time back to focus on a little self-care aka running. I used to run a lot in college and I really want to get back to that. It makes me feel so so good and it’s a great way to get my body moving as well so it’s really a win-win. So that’s the big one for 2020, training for a half marathon, 13.1 miles. 

Here’s how this is gonna go… 

As far as weekly goals, this is the way it’s going to go. At the beginning of each month, I’m going to sit down and map out what I have going on. From there I will set my weekly resolutions for the month. I will add little running challenges to keep it fun for myself and even a small reward here and there just for a little motivation. I’m hopeful to include a previous month recap in each month’s resolution post as well so at the end of the year I can really have a clear map of how the year went. 

Enough with the rambling, here are my weekly resolutions for January as well as a digital download for you to save if you want to join in. If you do, post about it on IG and tag me so we can motivate each other. 

  • Week 1 (Jan 6-11): Keeping things simple for the first week. This week’s goal is to get back in the habit of getting out of bed between 5-5:30 am every single morning. Use this time to work on freelance client work.
  • Week 2 (Jan 12-18): No scrolling after 8 pm! Instead of scrolling or watching trashy TV, I will read for 30 minutes each night. 
  • Week 3 (Jan 19-25): Keep the order. Build on the first two weeks of the year and combine the first two weeks of resolutions. (We will have family in town this week so keeping things simple will be the key to success here). 
  • Week 4 (Jan 26-Feb1): No spend week. We are going to Disney the week before this so I imagine our wallets are going to be feeling that. This week we will not spend money on anything but groceries, gas and our regular reoccurring expenses. 
  • Running goal: 50 miles in the month of January

There you have it, my weekly resolutions for the month of January! I tried to keep them super simple for the first month. Between adjusting to the new normal of our life and family coming into town in the middle of the month I think I will thank myself for this later. 

2020 Goals + Weekly Resolutions​

This year I'm doing something a little different. Instead of a big goal or resolution that I'm bound to fail at by February or March. This year I'm setting weekly resolutions to keep me on track. I'm planning to write out my resolutions once a month along with a life update.

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