That Social Media Manager Life

Today’s world is full of likes, comments, stories, memes, everyone being super available at all times, we’ve never been more connected than we are now. When say connected I, of course, mean through social media. Full-disclosure, I’m 27 years old. I’ve grown up in the rise of social media. From AIM to MySpace to Facebook and the beginning days of SnapChat and Instagram. To watch how social media as changed even for the user has been well… a ride. I fell into working in social media while I was still in college. Things were much less innocent then and well let’s face it, I got started by posting for my school’s Career Development Center. It wasn’t the most exciting thing.

I’ve always had a blog. The really old ones on different websites are all long gone by now. Which is def a good thing because I am willing to bet they would be SUPER cringe-worthy. My current blog goes back 7 years if you click around far enough (please don’t). This is important because blogging is kind of the core of social media if you ask me. You want people to come read your blog of course so you share it. Seven years ago there weren’t social media managers. Well, I don’t know that for a fact but I do know it wasn’t my intended career path.

These days a social media manager is a pretty common job in a marketing department. While just having grown up in a social media era doesn’t give me all the knowledge I need to be a social media manager, it certainly does help. That might lead you to ask ‘well what do you do then?” Let me walk you through it. Keep in mind, this may look different for each SMM (social media manager).

For me being a SMM means hanging out on Facebook and Instagram. Scheduling posts, engaging with commenters and followers, curating feeds, responding to DMs, sharing Insta stories, creating Insta stories and buying ads. Now if you’re thinking to yourself oh wow that’s cake I could do that too. Well, the truth is in order to do all of that you have to be willing to keep up with ever-changing algorithms, trends and a never-ending stream of comments.

For me personally, I manage five brands for my corporate job, two as a freelancer and my own. Quick math will tell you that I manage a total of EIGHT companies if I include myself. Notice when I said that I didn’t say eight pages because each of these businesses has a Facebook Page and Instagram account. #Math that again and that’s SIXTEEN pages total. All with completely separate content. Now the ten that I manage for my corporate job do have some overlapping content and are similar in ways but they still require me to cater to different audiences. The other four pages I manage via freelance are for two brands each with their own Facebook page and Instagram page. Then there’s my own social media and blog… I like to refer to them as the cobbler with holey shoes situation.

Now that you have a little background let’s dive right into your questions…

What kind of jobs did you work that got you there?
Honestly, anyone that would hire me… As I said before growing up in a social media age has led me to consume social media to learn how it all works. Went to school for Art + Design and really thought that I would be a graphic designer from that. I did do that for a few years after college but quickly found that the market is very oversaturated with brand designers and graphic designers. I then found the social media world and found that I could use my skills as a graphic designer for social media management and here we are. I fell into a marketing position in the corporate world almost three years ago but I’ve never stopped freelancing.

Do you work as your own biz?
I do! Brit Alexis Creative is my first baby. It has operated under a few different names the very first one being bhdigital media (I think). I take on a very limited number of clients on retainer each year and work to be a steady part of someone’s business rather than a one-off project. I would much rather foster a longer working relationship with someone than constantly being out on the hunt for new clients.

How many times a week to post in insta & times of day?
This is a very specific question.. And it will vary for every business and industry. Stories are seeing more engagement than posts are these days so I would start there. As far as the best times to post, my suggestion would be to switch over to a business account and check out the insights to see when your audience is online the most and post during those times. I use an app called Later that automatically calculates my best time to post for me.

There you have it, my summary of life as a social media manager.