How to Share the SAME Content Over and Over

So you put time and effort into creating an awesome piece of content, heck all your content is pretty awesome if you have any say in it. You post it once to each one of your social platforms, maybe you send it in an email and boom you’re done. Right? Right. Right?


Your content deserves to be SEEN and shared, and I’m really sorry to say that it’s not going to happen the first time you post it. Ouch, right? I’m sorry if that hurts to hear but the truth is if you want eyes on your content, your social engagement and web traffic to grow. Tou need to share your content more than once!

This leads me into a bit of a sidebar. If you want to continually share the same content over months and month you’ll need to think about how you can produce something called evergreen content. This is something I’ll dive into at a later point but it’s something to keep in mind.

Taking that little sidebar into account you don’t have to only creating evergreen content to share your content over and over. Sharing your content more than once allows you to get the most out of the work you’re putting into creating it. After all, you don’t want to spend time on something that you post once and never talk about again, right? I know I don’t. So let’s get to it.

First things first you need to see where you’re getting the most traffic or engagement from. Then start there.

Blog Posts

If you’re sharing a blog post, you’re spent actual time writing that thing out, editing, formatting it on your website and possibly even shooting specific photos for it.

That’s a lot of work, here’s how to get the most out of it.

  1. Write out 3-5 different posts or calls to action for you to share that link on Facebook or Twitter. Schedule these out on Facebook and Twitter. Post one the first day your post goes live then one the next day at a completely opposite time of the day. The next one a few days later and the next few over the next week or until the content is no longer relevant.
  2. Did you take photos or create specific graphics for that blog post? SHARE THEM! Use them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.
  3. Talk about your post in your Instagram story, invite people to go check it out.
  4. If you shared a photo relating to the post on Instagram, share it to your story and again invite people to check it out.
  5. Share a screen recording of you scrolling through the post to show it off.

The most important thing I can tell you about these tips is to spread them out over a few days and try to not to the exact same things on Facebook that you’re doing on Twitter or Facebook that you’re doing on Insta.


Videos are awesome, and if you ask any marketing person they’ll tell you to figure out how to incorporate more video into your content strategy. And if you’re heading that advice and using stories, live video or uploaded video; nice work!

Now let’s dive into how you can get more out of it.

  1. Stories, USE YOUR HIGHLIGHTS! And on top of that, get you some nice looking covers. You can make them right from your phone y’all. You no longer have to actually put the highlight covers in your stories either to make them your cover! Oh yes. All you need to do these days is use any photo from your camera roll. Want words or an emoji in the cover? No problem, open up a new story take a random photo, pick a color with the draw tool hold down that color over the photo you just took and it will give you a background color. Now just type the title of the highlight or an emoji. Save it to your phone. Then go to the highlight you want to edit, click it then click the 3 dots, select edit highlight and you should see “change cover” you’ll then be prompted with alll the photos in that highlight or with a little photo button. Click the photo button and select the image you just created.
  2. If you uploaded a video to Instagram on your feed, simply share it in your story.
  3. If you used IGTV you now have a special swipe up feature in your story, use it folks.
  4. If you’re going to go live, try to give a heads up some people know when to expect you. If not no worries just go live and then tell people that you did it so they can go back and watch. I don’t recommend going live on Instagram without notice because it’s harder for followers to get back to that specific live video and it only lasts for 24 hours.
  5. If you went live on Facebook, share the link with a quote from that live or a general idea of what that live was about the next day and every day or every other day after that until it’s not relevant.
  6. Uploaded video can be shared in a similar way a blog post is shared.


Are you a photographer, fashion blogger or any type of blogger who takes photos for campaigns?

Here’s how to get the most out of those photos.

  1. You can tease them in your Insta Story before you post them in your feed.
  2. Sneak Peeks with minimal details on Facebook.
  3. Share the photos in a full blog post with a link
  4. If you’ve shared it on your feed on Instagram, share it to your story and ask people to check it out.
  5. Show behind the scenes of the photos before you’re even ready to share them to build anticipation.

Sharing your content more than once allows you to get more eyes on it. It our every changing social media word where the algorithm is always throwing us off. The more creative you can get in sharing your content the better!