Bumpdate: 22 weeks

Well, I said, in the beginning, no promises about doing these every week and well it seems to be how it’s working out. I finally decided to stop making excuses and just made time this morning to grab my tripod and snap a photo. The photo is always the part that holds me back, because if I’m being totally honest. What’s the point of a bumpdate without actually SEEING the bump?! I mean, right?

How far along: 22 weeks

Gender: Girl

Baby’s Size: Coconut or Ginnepig, take your pick

Belly button in or out: Oh we’re out alright

Sleep: Ehhhh there are good and bad nights. I’ve been really diligent in using my oils every night to help. BUT I have this horrible hip pain that makes me toss from side to side at night finding a comfortable side. I have figured out that if I stuff one of the sides of my pregnancy pillow under my back to prop me up a little bit that I can sleep half on my back and half on my side. That’s about as comfortable as it gets these days. I saw the chiropractor last week and that somewhat helped.

Best moment this week: Owen seeing the jammies I bought for baby sis and telling me “Awww so cute mom, when she comes out of your belly I’m going to carry her because that’s what big brother superheroes do” Can you even?!

Worst moment this week: Soooo I decided it was a good idea to finish off the rest of our Thanksgiving cheese ball for lunch the other day… and let’s just say my stomach was not happy that night.

Miss anything: a daily cup of coffee, which I could totally have but it makes me feel jittery and a little cracked out sooo I’ll keep skipping it for the most part

Movement: TONS! This little one is a whirly twirly bean. She moves way more than her brother EVER did, I love it so much. It still feels so foreign though for some reason.

Cravings: All the sweets but not anything cold, just like candy or something like that. Also peanut butter and jelly has been on my mind lately

Queasy or sick: Nope feeling great

Looking forward to: Getting this little one here already and starting her nursery in the new year.