Bumpdate: Week 19 + Nursery Moodboard

Week 18 was a wash, I was SO so sick with a head cold from hell. I didn’t even make it out of bed much. I got kicked out of work last Friday because it had been circulating around the office. I was better off being home anyways. I went to vote and almost passed out a few different times while standing in line. Luckily the people in line around me understood and held my place while I sat. Week 19 was much better and I am mostly recovered from the cold of last week.

How far along: 19 weeks
Gender: girlllllll
Baby’s Size: mango
Belly button in or out: time to call it what it is, out
Sleep: better! I’ve been staying up later so I think that is helping
Best moment this week: Our girl has a name, I finished up her nursery moodboard (see below!) & new maternity clothes that make me feel good!
Worst moment this week: Owen’s behavior due to DLS… it’s been ROUGH
Miss anything: 100% an adult bev after the battles I’ve gone through this week
Movement: TONS! And Owen and Trav can now feel it from the outside
Cravings: All the Chick-fil-a please, specifically the chocolate chip cookies
Queasy or sick: Nope, but I did drink coffee again this week and it made me soooo jittery and feel all WOOOO
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound this week!!

Our Baby Girl's Nursery Inspo

I’m not even going to lie here, since the MOMENT I found out I was pregnant I started Pinteresting allllll the baby things. And when I say all the baby things, I mean all the baby GIRL things because I wanted a girl that badly.

Just a day before we found out little miss is, in fact, a girl. My husband and I were talking and saying how guilty we’d feel for feeling just a bit let down if we were having another boy. Lucky for us, that didn’t happen and we are getting our longed-for baby girl.

Anyways, we won’t actually be diving into starting little miss’ nursery until the beginning of 2019 because IYMI, it’s basically the holiday season. While we’d love to get started right away, it’s just going to make our lives much easier to wait. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning, because if you didn’t know, I’m a planning freak. I need to have a plan for my PLAN.

We (I’ve) decided that her nursey will be a mix of a few styles but overall, a modern boho floral feel. I don’t want it to be overly pink or princess-y at all. It’s really important to me that she can grow into this room a bit. I don’t want to have to completely redo it when she grows into a big kid bed (which is never happening btw).

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  1. Geri Hurlbut

    Enjoy all his planning and preparing…. I know you had a lot going on when you were expeing Owen. I love folowing along!

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