Bumpdate: Week 16 & 17

Combining two weeks because that’s just the way this is going this time around. The weekly pictures are hard for me to even remember to fit them in… Sorry baby girl. We just got back from a trip home for my birthday and we are all happy to be back to our normal routine. It was so nice being home AND seeing all of our family and friends. My hubby surprised me with a birthday party for my golden birthday with our family, including Trav’s mom and aunts who drove from Pittsburgh, my friends from high school and college! It was so fun to see everyone and it made me feel so special that all these people went out of their way to come to celebrate me.


Week 16

Baby’s Size: Philippine tarsier or an avocado depending on the app
Belly button in or out: in the middle, it will be out any day now
Sleep: somewhat better, I got out of the habit of diffusing oils at night after I put my big diffuser in Owen’s room when he was sick a few weeks ago. I just used it again the other night and got the best night of sleep, need to get back in the habit.
Best moment this week: spending so much time with our family and when picked up Owen from school on Monday and the first thing he said to me was “you’re so beautiful, mommy!” I think he was referring to the dress I was wearing but hey, I’ll take it. He kept saying it over and over again, such a heartthrob
Worst moment this week: I got in such a funk on the way home one night this week… it seemed like I couldn’t think of anything to get myself out of it. My mind was racing with sad and depressing thoughts. I came home and put some Frankincense, Stress Away and Lemongrass in our living room diffuser and it pulled me out of it but man…
Miss anything: I’ve been REALLY missing coffee this week
Movement: yep, here and there. A little more during the day too
Cravings: all of the candy
Queasy or sick: thankfully no
Looking forward to: Going home for my birthday next week


Week 17

Gender: Girl
Baby’s Size: pomegranate or chipmunk
Belly button in or out: I think I need to call it what it is, out
Sleep: slightly better, now sleeping with a pillow on each side of me. Trav is thrilled.
Best moment this week: discovering that coffee is tasting normal again!!
Worst moment this week: ants in our house!! Not just sugar ants either, “big headed” ants in our hampers and beds! UGH!
Miss anything: the thought of having an adult beverage for my birthday this weekend
Movement: a little here and there, nothing super strong yet
Cravings: sour candy, so excited for Halloween!
Queasy or sick: Just when I tried a new chick-fil-a sauce last week.. it was not a good time
Looking forward to: going home this weekend for my birthday!