Having a Perfectly Styled or Edited Instagram is Lame

Yep, I said it. Having a pretty flowy Instagram is lame. I fully know how bold of a statement that is considering some of you just spent the last few years perfecting this. I know I know, it looks pretty and all but think of what you’re missing out on by worrying so much about “how it’s going to look in your feed?”

Now I’m not saying you should post everything, nope not at all. You should definitely stay consistent in your post types and you can definitely still plan it all out but I think what we don’t realize is there’s always room to be candid. No one really NEEDS to be posting in real time. Besides getting you candid memories back, you can still have a consistent feed without perfectly planned or posed photos. After all, don’t you want your Instagram to be more than just your highlight reel?

Get your memories back & make better ones.

We see it all too often these days, folks out and about doing life taking photo after photo to document every moment just so they can share it online. Hey don’t get me wrong I am guilty of this from time to time, too. BUT my point is, if we weren’t so concerned about perfectly documenting every moment how much more would we enjoy those moments?

I’m not saying stop taking photos, nope. You should definitely still do that, you know for posterity sake or whatever. I’m just saying take it down a notch from making your husband be your Instagram husband, I promise you, he doesn’t care about how many likes you’re going to get. You know what he does care about? Spending time with you and your family. So maybe instead of having him take 50 pictures of you and your kiddo(s) until you get the best one. Ask a stranger or friend to take a photo of the whole family together! Don’t you think you’d cherish that one a little more, imperfections and all?

life outside those pretty squares is pretty great.

Lately, I’ve been making an active effort to leave my phone in my purse during family outings. Not in my pocket but in my actual purse where I can’t see it and I forget it’s even there (well mostly). Do you know what’s been happening?

I’m enjoying the moment! Playing with my family, cheering on my little guy at t-ball, catching up with friends, playing cars with my favorite little ones, pushing my son on the swings and so much more! I know this whole idea of just putting our phones away shouldn’t be so novel or crazy but sometimes I truly feel like it is in the world we’re living in.

Stop adding to the toxicity on social media

My last and final point is, keeping up with the Jones’ of Instagram and striving to have a picture-perfect feed is only adding to the problem. It aids in setting impossible standards for how our homes should look. It makes others feel less than when in reality it took you 10-20 tries to get that one shot.

Look, I’m not saying that it’s on you to make others feel good. It also shouldn’t be your priority to stop living your best life to make someone stop comparing their life to yours. I’m just saying that what if we all stopped worrying about this idea of the perfect feed so much? Would we ALL be happier? Would YOU feel less pressure? What would that do to the feelings of those around you? I guess what it comes down to, is all of us showing a little more realness. If we all did that don’t you think that social media, in general, would be an easier place to be at times?