Bumpdate: Week 14

How far along: 14 weeks
Gender: girl
Baby’s Size: size of a peach but I swear she doubled while I was at work on Wednesday
Belly button in or out: teetering in the middle
Sleep: Just ok…
Best moment this week: If I’m being totally honest, Trav coming home with ice cream unprompted and cleaning the house over the weekend
Worst moment this week: feeling like we’re regressing with night time potty training with Owen…
Miss anything: Coffee, I would love to have a little caffeine boost here and there
Movement: YES! She’s most active at night after I put Owen to bed but that also might just be the time when I’m paying attention the most
Cravings: gimme all the candy and sweets
Queasy or sick: feeling great!
Looking forward to: seeing our family next week!