Bumpdate: 13 weeks

How far along: 13 weeks

Gender: Girl

Baby’s Size: As big as a lemon

Belly button in or out: in but showing signs of going out

Sleep: can’t get comfortable and my days of getting anywhere close to sleeping on my stomach are very numbered. I’ve been staying up later in an attempt to get myself to sleep through the night.

Best moment this week: I took Owen to my midwife appointment today and oh my word… it was so unbearably sweet! Our midwife office caters to families perfectly, they have toys in the waiting room and the midwives involved him in the appointment at all times. They even had Owen help find the baby’s heartbeat! Though I think his favorite part was helping to take my blood pressure because he got to squeeze the pump. Either way, it was so awesome and he is already asking when we’re going back.

Worst moment this week: This week has been a rough one not really for any pregnancy reason… but Owen went back to school after being out sick for a week and it’s been ROUGH, to say the least. On top of that, my throat has been so sore all week.

Miss anything: coffee, I would love a pumpkin spice latte

Movement: I think so! I felt a rumble last night and wasn’t sure if it might be baby girl but I also can’t pinpoint what else it may have been. My midwife also thinks it was likely the baby.

Cravings: nothing in particular

Queasy or sick: feeling great! Just need to drink more water

Looking forward to: starting to shop for baby girl!! Girl stuff is so much more fun and there is much much more to choose from! I’ve already made my wish list of must-have things for this time around.

So far I’ve got:

I know this list will only keep growing but we really want to try to pare down the STUFF this time around.