The Next Things to Order After Your PSK

7 Things that will make your Starter Kit easier to use.

Around this time last year, my kiddo was super sick. His fever was around 102 and I was considering taking him to urgent care. He was lethargic on our couch for a day and a half at this point and I was scared. We called his godmother who is a nurse to come give him a once over and to help us decide if we needed to get him to the urgent care or not. She told us to keep doing what we were doing and to continue to give him the medication we were giving him. I was still so panicked I wanted my two-year-old to feel better. I felt so helpless. At this point, I had been teetering on the idea of trying essential oils and I messaged a lady whom I had been talking to about them. She invited me to come to her home as soon as I could get there and set me up with a sick day kit. I rushed home to try it all on my sweet boy and within an hour of putting peppermint oil on thieves on him, his fever finally broke. This was my starting point into oils.

I ordered my starter kit the very next day but it wasn’t until it came that I realized I would need a few more things to really get started. So in an effort to save you a little time and help you get prepared the day you order your kit, I’ve made this little list of things to order after you get your starter kit!

1. Rollerballs – first things first, get some rollerballs! This is a great way to start using oils topically and in your everyday life. They come in a few different sizes but I’d suggest starting with the 10ml ones because they’re the most common recipes you’ll find on Pinterest.

2. Spray bottles – one of the first things we ditched when we got our starter kit was the household cleaner we were using. I honestly don’t remember what we were using before at this point. You should know that when you’re using oils, you should really only put them in glass or stainless steel. You cannot use plastic when mixing your oils because of their potency. The oils will actually eat the plastic and on top of that, the yuck that plastic is made from with mix with your oils… and you do not want that. We use these spray bottles for cleaning around our house. I have one with my regular ol’ thieves cleaner in it, one for my bathroom cleaner and usually an empty one for whatever else may come up.

3. Spray bottles small – I also like to have some small spray bottles around for things like gifts, bug spray, and fabric/room sprays. When I’m using them for gifts I may fill them with a face spray, bug spray or fabric/room spray. I like to keep a bottle this size of bug spray in my purse because you know, #SouthFloridaLife.

4. Fractionated coconut oil – Okay I will be the first to admit when I started using oils I did NOT understand the idea of carrier oils at all. A carrier oil is an oil that you mix with your essential oil to dilute it. Essential oils are super potent as mentioned above and 80%-ish of the time you should be diluting, ESPECIALLY when it comes to using them on kids!! Anyways, back to fractionated coconut oil, this type of coconut oil doesn’t harden. So this would be a type of carrier oil you’d use in your rollerballs or in your hands with your oils to be directly applied.

5. Yeti cup or similar – I’m not just saying you should get one of these because they’re super popular right now. I’m telling you to get one so that you can infuse your water with oils too! This goes back to not putting oils in plastic or styrofoam for that matter. These cups are great for oils and they keep your drinks super cold or hot depending on what you’re drinking.

6. Metal straws – if you are interested in drinking your oils then you need to use a metal straw! Do not tip your cup back and drink through the PLASTIC lid with oils in your drink. Metal straws are also much better for the environment than plastic straws so if you can get in the habit of carrying one instead of getting one from your favorite coffee shop or fast food joint you’re doing the sea turtles and the ocean and HUGE favor.

7. Dryer Balls – I think it took me a while to get on board with these but not I’m addicted. These again are not only better for the environment but they allow you to infuse your clean clothes with the smell of oils! If you have never dried your freshly cleaned sheets with lavender then you are seriously missing out my friend! We dry our son’s clothes with thieves and tangerine for an added immunity boost. Our clothes are dried with a variety of oils because I just can’t seem to pick what I like best AND I like to experiment.

Those seven things will have you rocking that starter kit and with certainly kickstart your jump into the oil world. We’re about a year into this journey with oils and I can honestly say that I don’t ever want to look back. I can’t even tell you the last time I was in the cleaning aisle of any grocery store and it honestly feels so good. From immune boosting, sleep support, mood boosting, laundry and cleaning our entire home I am so so happy to be working towards a chemical free home.