Planning Content Around the Holidays – What’s your game plan?

The other day I saw a letterboard that read “How is it already August… Tomorrow is basically September. It’s already 2019, so Happy New Year!” It had me laughing so hard because I’ve been feeling this same way and I know there are plenty of people around me who feel the same.

The truth is the holidays will be here before we know it. So, I have just ONE question for you. Do you have a game plan for your business during no doubt the busiest season of the year? If you don’t, honey I hope this is a wake-up call because it’s coming and fast. This is also a big deal because let’s be real, no one wants to be scrambling around during the holidays working in their business trying to keep things going. The holidays are for being present with your family and friends, and planning your content ahead of time will help allow you to do just that. 

First things first pull out your calendar, this will help you to physically see where the holidays are. The next thing you should do is start to work backward.

New Years Year


  • What are people thinking about during this time of year? Health and fitness, their goals for 2019, or even planning their NYE celebration. How can you make those things easier for them to figure out?
  • How can you help them set resolutions?
  • What does your business do to help someone be his or her best self in 2019?

When it comes to New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day people and that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s people are relaxing, cleaning up Christmas and spending time with family. During this time, folks are well into thinking about what will happen for the next year coming. It’s a fresh start and time to set goals. If you can figure out how to help people with those things, you’ll win them over.




  • What are my audiences focus during the weeks leading up to Christmas?
  • What are my audience’s core values?
  • How can I help my audience stress less during the Christmas season?
  • Do the 12 days of Christmas fit into my content somehow?
  • Can you share gift ideas related to your industry?
  • Could you host a giveaway?
  • How are you giving back this season?

Christmas is a time of high stress for a lot of people. How can you ease that? What could you offer? This time of year is the time of year when I feel that it’s OKAY to get a little personal when it comes to your content. Most everyone is thinking about their family and spending more time with those they hold near and dear. This is your chance to do the same and if that means you’re baking cookies with your family and you have a KILLER sugar cookie recipe, share it! Make it apart of your brand, if your readers/followers love it, they’ll make it again and again, year after year. And guess what, they’ll likely think of YOU every time they do.



  • What do people cook for their Thanksgiving meal?
  • How can someone help the needy during this month?
  • Could you create some type of do good challenge with your community?

Thanksgiving is a time of feeling good, family gatherings and giving back (looking at you food drives and soup kitchens, keep up the good work). Your job is to cater your content to helping people remember these things while still giving them useful info.



  • Are my followers the DIY type? This might be a good time to figure this out because if they are, that could set you up for a lot of your content for the next few holidays.
  • Could you share your favorite Halloween movies? Or even your favorite Fall beers/ciders or adult bevs?
  • Share your Halloween or Fall decor, could you create a hashtag around this? This could be a great way to engage your community!
  • Football is back, how can you tie this in?

Halloween doesn’t have to be all gools, witches, zombies and horror movies. While those things are fun and great there is so much more to Halloween and fall than that. What about all the beautiful decor? What about the yummy food? Football is in full swing and basically, everyone is talking about it. Not to mention, SO MANY ACTIVITIES!

There you have it, some ideas to get those wheels turning of how to plan out your content for the holidays. This will help you plan ahead which in turn will help you be more present when these holidays do roll around. Start here and brainstorm your content. Let’s be clear for just one second, I’m not telling you to start writing or creating it right this second. Getting a clear idea of what you might want to put out there will help you make a game plan to getting that content put together ahead of time. However, if you DO feel inspired now, go for it! Start writing!