Recover Your Core

I’ve been working behind the scenes with a local business owner in my community to refresh her branding and marketing materials. Ashely reached out to our community’s mom group looking for someone to help her with her marketing and I immediately jumped at the chance to work with her. This isn’t where I first met Ashely though… I met her about three years ago after I had Owen.

This leads me to what she does, Ashley owns a company called Recover Your Core. Anyone ever heard of the “mommy pooch” or maybe you’re fighting one yourself? It could be diastasis recti, this can happen during pregnancy and it doesn’t go away when your baby is born. It’s the separation of your abdominal muscles, you don’t have to have 6-pack abs to get it either. I won’t go into too much detail because I’m not expert that’s for sure.

Ashley teaches a six-week course that teaches you the skills to help correct diastasis recti and ease you back into exercise after birth. I took this course personally when I was newly post-partum with Owen and I loved it! It’s kind of like yoga but for your lady parts and abdominal muscles.

Now that you understand a little about what Recover Your Core is, let me walk you through its new branding and marketing materials.

We started with a mood board...

This helped both of us get a feel for where we would eventually end up. During this stage we also selected colors for her brand. Ashley is an avid surfer and has a very almost boho vibe about her and I wanted to lean into that as much as we could.


From our mood board I then started to gather inspiration for her logo from Pinterest. She had sent me a photo of a drawing she had in her head and wouldn’t you know it, it was VERY similar to what I also had in mind. The images to the right are what sparked my creative juices.

And we came up with THIS:

Which lead to this:

After we nailed down her logo and locked it all up we moved on to some marketing materials. She specifically wanted a retractable banner to use at our local Birth Fair, a poster/flyer she would be able to edit every time she set a new class schedule and a postcard flyer she could hand out. What I loved about working with Ashley is that she knew what she wanted and she was easy to please.


Then we wrapped it up with her style guide.