Why I Got Started With Essential Oils

Why I Got Started With Essential Oils

I know I know what you’re thinking… Another person jumping on the oil train. It’s all in your head. They don’t really work. That’s some hippie shit. Yeah yeah, I’ve heard these things more than once. Whether you’ve heard of them before or this is your first introduction, I’m just here to tell you why I got started and the changes I’ve noticed in my family over just the last 6 months of using essential oils.

Let’s do this thing

It all started really when my son was about 6 months into his first year of daycare. He was sick what seemed like every two weeks, and I’m not even kidding. I had just started a new job and kept needing to take time off or attempt to work from home with a sick kiddo. We tried everything, all different vitamins, constant hand washing, changing clothes right when we got home, veggie boosted smoothies and the list goes on.

Finally last July, my poor guy had the worst fever he’s ever had to date, 105 degrees. I. WAS. TERRIFIED. I didn’t know what to do, I felt so helpless. So, I did what most millennial moms would reach out to my local mom group asking other mamas what I could do. A few replied with essential oils, but one replied with “come to my house and I’ll make you a sick day oil kit!” I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? So off I went to a stranger’s house to try essential oils for the very first time.

I was blown away by generosity…

She set me up with a thieves sample, R.C., a sample of peppermint, a few recipes to try to break his fever and even let me borrow a diffuser. Firstly let me just say that I was BLOWN AWAY by her generosity, I couldn’t believe this woman whom I didn’t know would bring me into her home and give me all this stuff just to try to help my little guy feel better. Secondly, it worked! The peppermint mixture she had me make broke my little guy’s fever, I couldn’t believe it and my husband certainly didn’t. He claimed it was the medicine we gave him hours before but I truly believe it was the oils. This was the experience that had me hooked on this idea of oils, I just KNEW they had worked. I dove into the internets and read and researched anything and everything I could to learn as much as I could.

Only a few weeks later when “back to school” time came around, my son got sick again… This time I was out of town for work, I felt so bad I wasn’t there to help but I knew my hubby could handle it. During my trip my husband and I were talking about what we could do, how could we ensure our boy wouldn’t be sick all the time? How could we make sure he was healthier? How could we all stay healthier? How could we do these things sans chemicals? (Side Note: we’ve always strived to be as chemical free as possible on most things. There are a very select few things we won’t give up but for the most part, we try to be as green as possible).

The only thing that kept coming to mind was oils.

So, we decided we’d give it a try. I ordered our starter kit and anxiously awaited its arrival Pinning all the things about oils so when it got here I would be ready as casually stalked my very first Young Living package. Two weeks later my starter kit came in the mail, I went straight back to my Pinterest board and found the immunity roller ball recipe I pinned. We were headed to Pittsburgh the next day and it was already chilly up there. After going to South Carolina for the Hurricane Irma and coming home sick I did not want a repeat result.

While we were in Pittsburgh all of us used the immunity roller on our feet and spines each morning and night. We came home a few days later all in perfect health. Secondly, while we were in Pittsburgh, we attended a wedding, Owen being a toddler was running around outside and he took a couple of hard spills on the cement that left him with a pretty big bump/bruise on his forehead. I remembered seeing somewhere that you could use frankinsense to not only reduce the pain/swelling but also make the bruise go away. So, back to Pinterest, I went and another rollerball was made. I put it on his bruise at night and in the morning and on the 5th day (which also happened to be school picture day) the bruise was almost completely gone!

Throughout the holiday season, we continued to use our oils for immune support, cleaning, mood boosting, better sleep and even holiday mood setting thanks to Pine oil. Still being skeptical myself I tested many times diffusing lavender while we slept vs not diffusing it. Time and time again the nights I didn’t use it we woke up groggy and that nights we did we woke up refreshed.

We’ve used oils in countless ways over the last 6 months and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Over the next few months, I will share some the ways we’ve incorporated essential oils into our lives and home. Until then, if you’d like to jump into the oilly world you can get your starter kit here. 

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