Business as usual

Life these days is pretty damn awesome if you ask us… We’re loving being parents and that little boy is starting to get the hang of life on the outside too.  
I just thought I’d give a little update since I haven’t been posting much lately… (Blogger fail).

Summer is coming to a close but it certainly does NOT feel like it here in South Florida. The other day the weather report on the radio went a little like this “business as usual, plenty of sunshine and humidity today.” They didn’t even say the temperature because well it’s about the same everyday.

Trav and I started insanity last week and holyyy shit… It truly lives up to its name.. I’ll spare you the before pictures. We cleaned out our garage last weekend and have been fighting ourselves to get up at 5am to workout before Trav leaves for work. It also gives us a little quality time together in the morning to get ready sans baby. And we certainly take extreme measures not to wake him up… Example:   Blending smoothies in our bathroom… (Ninja blender isn’t the quietest)

We took Owen swimming again this weekend and this time we even got a smile out of him while he was in the water!   Such a little water baby!  

ANDDDD his newest trick: giggling! It’s actually the cutest.. Who am I kidding everything he does is cute…

[wpvideo b2KaEXC8]
Finally we stopped into Tj-Maxx after our Sunday walk in tradition and someone got his first Halloween costume! I’m dying y’all, it’s a little big still since he doesn’t fit into 3-6 months clothes yet but we’ll get there!

Hope your Sunday is as great as ours!